I just did some drugs and now I think I'm going to die?

Answer call 911, and try to make yourself throw up what you swallowed, if you have to stick your fingers down your throat!

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I took some drugs for back pains some days back without realising i was three weeks going in my pregnancy. Will the drugs affect my baby?

Most likely they will not hurt your baby, although there is a small chance. the most important part is to NEVER EVER take them again. You sound like a good mommy for being concerned, so im sure you... Read More »

Do some mum's just think in black and white?

I absolutely love the way you have put this!Luckily I have only experienced that sort of black & white dismissive ignorance on here where it is easier to brush off.If I had a pound (or a dollar) fo... Read More »

Do you think everyone is honest on Ask Questions, or are some of the answers just the opposite of the truth?

I would NOT click on any links provided here...I have and have been caught up in a malicious endless loading of pages....had to reboot.Basically, if the question is honest, I think the answers, by... Read More »

What are some examples of lead vocalists going solo and ending up just as good if not better than........?

Happy Wednesday afternoon, Rckets :)Stevie Nicks ~ went solo from Fleetwood Mac in 1980 because she was / is a prolific songwriter, and was excedingly frustrated at only having 3 songs on each band... Read More »