I just cut open my arm!!!?

Answer go to the ER

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I just cut open my knee and foot...?

Sit on the side of the bathtub and run warm water over your toe and knee so you get it clean. You can even use some mild soap to clean it up; that's what we do in hospitals. Dry your leg. Make y... Read More »

Okay so im a dumb@$$ and just sliced my finger open... help?

Depends on how deep the cut is. If it is just a small, shallow cut clean it off with some cool running water, use some firstaid cream (or equivelent) and apply a bandage after the bleeding has sto... Read More »

I just cut my juggular open, i dont have health insurance, what do i do!?

Go to the hospital what else should you do?Insurance or not if your juggular is still open allyou blood will drain. If you have enough money to pay then just GO man GO!

Hip hop the fcc just shut wyclefs open letter down. this is sirus we pay for it. howd they do dat?

Is Wyclef even a rapper? I know he's featured in some rap songs but he's more of a singer imo@WUtangkarate: Nah, I don't listen to him tbh only a few tracks and btw just because I don't know about ... Read More »