I just cut myself with a can?

Answer YOu kinda did the right thing. Apply an antiseptic ointment and a dressing now that you have cleaned it. It should heal completely within a week or a little more, depending how deep the cut is.

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I just scratched myself with a pencil, will I be okay?

I guess it will be okay. When have you had your last Tetanus shot? It ususally lasts 2 yrs and prevents infections from the sort of thing. Even if lead is inside, squeeze the wound till the "infect... Read More »

Just for fun I have just "Googled" myself-help!?

You need to change your yahoo messenger ID from public to private. Yahoo answers associates your answers profile along with the yahoo messenger profile.....The bad thing is that those answers have ... Read More »

I just burned myself with boiling water o my entire forearm. What can I do to ensure there will be no scarring?

This is typical of the type of question that you should seek immediate medical attention for. The bad thing about the internet is that there is this "do it yourself" mentality and everyone wants to... Read More »

I Just Burnt Myself?

Applying tooth paste to your burn also helps.Put a glop on like glue and the pain will subside.I'm not sure why but I guess the menthol has to do with the it.I find this works better than cold wate... Read More »