I just cut my finger with a needle...?

Answer Salaam sis :)Ok, I'm not good at this, but I think, it is not safe for that black stuff to remain under ur skin. U could get infected, who knows what that thing is, moreover the pin is from somewhe... Read More »

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How to Tattoo With Just a Needle & String?

Tattoos have enjoyed quite a popular resurgence over the last couple decades. Tattoos used to be a badge of honor among military men, bikers and convicts. Now you can find them on soccer moms and t... Read More »

I poked my finger on my friend's sewing needle...?

It is very unlikely. You would of have to of poked yourself after she did and she would actually have to have HIV and even then there is a good chance it wouldn't transfer.

I just sliced my finger with a knife.. HELP!?

Put that Rubbing Alcohol on it with a cotton ball. That will take out the infection.If still bleeding put your arm above your head for a few also you can put neosporin and a bandage on it. If its... Read More »

I just cut mey finger of with a knife and I have it in a jar. What should I do?

If you have to ask then you should go to the hospital to have a brain transplant.