I just cut my armpit really badly, what should i do?

Answer call 911 if you don't have anyone to drive you to the nearest emergency room. otherwise you will bleed to death

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I'm 13 years old and I have just had really really bad pains near my heart, what should I do?

its probably not your heart because it would be something serious if it was,its probably traped wind as that hurts, ive had pains in my chest before and i curled up on the floor cause it hurt that ... Read More »

I just burned my finger pretty badly, what do I do?

Ibuprofen (or other painkillers) as directed on the bottle, and ice. That's all you can do. I hope you ran it under water first. Going from extremely hot to extremely cold is bad for the nerve endi... Read More »

What should I do my brothers really close friend just died and I dont know how to comfort him without him yelling at me?

I just accidentally my foot and it hurts really bad. should i go to the hospital?

I accidentally this question. I like it, though. You're welcome.