I just cut my armpit really badly, what should i do?

Answer call 911 if you don't have anyone to drive you to the nearest emergency room. otherwise you will bleed to death

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How to Measure Armpit to Armpit?

A well-tailored suit is the mainstay of men's fashion. To achieve a truly perfect fit, the tailor fits the garment to all the measurements of the wearer's body. These measurements include the shoul... Read More »

What causes pimples under your armpit that won't go away?

What Causes Pimples under Your Armpit? The first answer that leaps to mind is a heat rash, which you can usually cure by keeping the area very clean and dry. Talcum powder, loose shirts, all help. ... Read More »

How do you get rid of boil under armpit?

These are -- as you no doubt know -- quite painful. I'm going to say lancing is the treatment of choice, but it's not a first aid treatment. The first aid for this is packing it to prevent more irr... Read More »

Armpit sweating plz help?

just wash your armpits more often.while in the shower, or you can hand washthem in the sink, rub some soap,and splash some water. Also try not to wear tight shirtsand tight hoodies that are tight u... Read More »