I just burnt my hand with boiling water from a kettle?

Answer Soak it in cold water for 30 minutes. Do not put any salve on lotion on it or it may make the burn worse. It sounds like a 2nd degree burn that will blister. If it does not feel better, have someo... Read More »

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I burnt my hand with boiling water?

should be fine, if there is blisters or any discolored skin then go see a doctor. I burnt my hand with water making KD, it hurt a lot but it went away...the next day or the day after. Just kept ice... Read More »

My other half has burnt his hand on the steam of the kettle?

Never ever put cream of any description or butter or oil on a burn, it will make is worse!Cold water for at least 10 minutes (running water is best) and then if you have any aloe vera gel put that ... Read More »

I burnt my finger on boiling water?

Did you put your finger straight into cold water.

Boiling water burnt my stomach. Help?

Try not to worry about this because it sounds as if it is a superficial scald. Although it is painful it will not damage your insides at all. You did the right thing by putting a cold pack on it (a... Read More »