I just burned my finger pretty badly, what do I do?

Answer Ibuprofen (or other painkillers) as directed on the bottle, and ice. That's all you can do. I hope you ran it under water first. Going from extremely hot to extremely cold is bad for the nerve endi... Read More »

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I just burned my finger on the oven what's the quickest way to sop it hurting?

linzy. you should be more carefull run it under cold water an then let me kiss it better, you will be fine after this

Grease burned my finger when cleaning grill, skin came off, just flesh exposed?

Yikes!It sounds like a second-degree burn to me...which can take between 2-6 weeks to completely heal.You need to take special care that you are cleaning your burn several times a day with anti-bac... Read More »

Help I burned my fingers and it stings badly, what to do?

Burns sting, that is just the way they are. you can cut down on the amount they sting by using things like sunburn jells or first aid cream with pain killer in it. It will slowley stop over time.

I burned my finger with the hair straightener, it made a bubble on my finger..?

It's a blister, just deal with it. It will be better in the morning.