I just burned my finger on the oven what's the quickest way to sop it hurting?

Answer linzy. you should be more carefull run it under cold water an then let me kiss it better, you will be fine after this

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Whats the best way and quickest way to remove a wart from a finger?

cut it off with a scalpel.of course you would only do this yourself if you were mental.go to the docs

I burned my finger with the hair straightener, it made a bubble on my finger..?

It's a blister, just deal with it. It will be better in the morning.

I got burned on my finger what do i do?

first you put cold water or ice then put triple antibiotic ointment on it

Help i burned my finger >.<?

You need to apply some aloe vera or other burn cream, it will help with the pain.