I just bought a new plasma tv LG and i hate it . its looks blurry why ?

Answer Yes of course, I have the same problem, but not too the extent where I cannot see anything. The HD will make a big difference.

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I bought some expensive glasses and I hate them. Now what?

I agree with the Yamster. You should drink Beer, Wine & Spirits in order to cope with this mess.Take them back to the store and tell them that they don't fit right. It is their responsibility, so... Read More »

I just bought a 42" Plasma TV. Are you jealous Should I brag more Let me know.?

Yes, I'm jealous. I freakin hate you! J/K You should brag but in a joking way(with subtlety). Just dont do it constantly.

How do you fix nikon L100 blurry pictures they are only people that come out blurry or grainy?

Blur is one thing that cannot be corrected in photo editing software. For grain watch video from related links below answer.

Can I download movies onto my laptop but play back using my plasma TV as a monitor I bought an HDMI cable.?

I've been using for a while now and I've never got a virus. The movies are great quality too, and don't take too long to download ;)