I just bought a new plasma tv LG and i hate it . its looks blurry why ?

Answer Yes of course, I have the same problem, but not too the extent where I cannot see anything. The HD will make a big difference.

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I just bought a 42" Plasma TV. Are you jealous Should I brag more Let me know.?

Yes, I'm jealous. I freakin hate you! J/K You should brag but in a joking way(with subtlety). Just dont do it constantly.

I just bought an Amish computer, but I can't find the 'on' switch. The screen looks like wood. How to power up?

As long as it's not running a Microsoft Operating System I mean bad could it be?Maybe you could enlist a young, technologically savvy Amish girl to "BOOT" it up for you.

GIMP:I use google images and when i use the scale tool it looks blurry how to fix?

That's because the pictures are too small and get pixelated. You have to get larger images. Or just not rescale them.

I just bought a ps3 that requires 110v but my electrical plug emits 230v so i bought a step down transformer.?

No, you will not damage your unit by running at higher wattage. The ps3 will take what it needs, as you say, 360w. So, a fifty watt supply will be too little, and that will damage your unit.1600w... Read More »