I just bought a Mac Book and was wondering could i get msn messenger on it?

Answer I had come to the conclusion that you could not - but after reading the excellent answers to your question here (in particular Robles) I stand corrected.I use a MacBook Pro which has no problem at ... Read More »

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You bought apple in ear headphones and you were wondering if you can move the remote?

The remote can not be moved from the original position. Sorry.

I have bought some toffe and fudge from a shop and was wondering will it melt if I leave it out of the fridge?

Is it candy bars kind of chocolate and fudge? Or is it separate. If it's the stuff that is like a candy bar or cookie(I hope you know what I mean, not sure how else to put it), then... Read More »

I just bought the iPhone 3g last night and was wondering if its FREE to browse on the app store and also the phone came with maps YouTube and whether in it are they free to use and go into?

Stupid AT+T charges you money every time you open an application that talks to the internet. It is free to open and use those apps on wi-fi.

I just bought an iPad a little over a month ago and I was wondering if i could trade it in for the new iPad 2 in a few days?

I was told it had to be purchased within 14 days of the March 11th release date.