I just bought a Mac Book and was wondering could i get msn messenger on it?

Answer I had come to the conclusion that you could not - but after reading the excellent answers to your question here (in particular Robles) I stand corrected.I use a MacBook Pro which has no problem at ... Read More »

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I just bought an iPad a little over a month ago and I was wondering if i could trade it in for the new iPad 2 in a few days?

I was told it had to be purchased within 14 days of the March 11th release date.

I'm a 15 yr old female, and i'm just wondering what the SUPER bad pain in my heart could be?

SEE YOUR DOCTOR! Chest pain of any kind is nothing to take lightly. You will feel much better knowing what is causing it. It could be something very simple, but until you are seen by a Doctor you w... Read More »

I'm just wondering could you add people into a chat type thing on the app 'SnapChat'?

Yes you Could i Believe So Here is a link the 2nd Picture Should Show you a Example on How you Could Do it…

I have a camera lense in my computer and i was just wondering if i could record using it?

Probably. But since you did not tell us the computer manufacturer or what software is on your computer that might be capable of doing what you want, there is not way for us to know for sure. We can... Read More »