I just bought a HDMI for my PS3 and its making my game play screen looking "long"?

Answer No man.. This happened to me too but only on the web, and I adjusted it by going on the "triangle" and I'll have the option of "viewing full size" that's it bro

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Iv just bought new pc screen says no signal?

Does it need a driver?Have you definately connected it correctly or is the cable faulty?

I just bought this theater screen...was it a good deal?

I bought one of those last week mate! Great buy! Can't speak to its longevity, but it has a great picture quality and came in great shape from my buyer. I'd say you got a heck of a deal too!

I have just bought a Manfrotto 190cxpro4 for my Nikon D300. I am looking for the prefect head to go with it.?

Since you already go with a carbon fibre tripod, I suppose you'd want the best.I would think that a Markins Q3 Emille together with a quick release plate ht... Read More »

Can I download movies onto my laptop but play back using my plasma TV as a monitor I bought an HDMI cable.?

I've been using for a while now and I've never got a virus. The movies are great quality too, and don't take too long to download ;)