I just bought a HDMI for my PS3 and its making my game play screen looking "long"?

Answer No man.. This happened to me too but only on the web, and I adjusted it by going on the "triangle" and I'll have the option of "viewing full size" that's it bro

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Can I download movies onto my laptop but play back using my plasma TV as a monitor I bought an HDMI cable.?

I've been using for a while now and I've never got a virus. The movies are great quality too, and don't take too long to download ;)

Does computer technology play a part in making a video game?

Computers are integral to the development of video games. The only stages of video game production that do not always computers, in fact, are ideas, such as story line, characters and basic sketch ... Read More »

I bought an HDMI to RCA and VGA cable from amazon It won't work?

HDMI is a digital signal. RCA and VGA are analog signals. You cannot go from analog to digital or digital to analog with just a cable you need some sort of converter. Did you read any of the cus... Read More »

How to convert small screen game into full touch screen game?

Go to settings>applications>installed applications select the game there and select the game u want full screen.touch and hold shows 3 options 1)suite settings2)uninstall3)sendSelect suite s... Read More »