I just bought Acoustica Mixcraft Prostudio 6. Do I need to buy Beatcraft?

Answer It depends on what you want to do. Mixcraft 6 has a new "Acoustica Studio Drums" virtual instrument, and also a new drum map feature in its piano roll. Because of this, it's much easier to program ... Read More »

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My friend just bought a GPS...we need a name for it :)?

Penelope!DUDE - That is the PERFECT name![Like Penelope the Bus! From The Buried Life!] ^^ I love that show!Anyways, yeah[;Good|Luck.

I just bought sony wireless headphones MDR-RF925RK and I need help!?

* Make sure you inserted the supplied batteries into it's compartment and that it's + on the plus, and - on the minus (hook it into the transmitter/docking to charge).* Make sure you have selected ... Read More »

Ive just bought an e book and need to know how to down load books.?

open itunes under library click books.drag the book from your drive to the window. needs to be in the epub format or you will need a reader from the app store.feedbooksbaen books project gutenberg... Read More »

HD tv, just bought myself a small hd tv 15inch what wires do i need to recieve HD?

You don't need any wires, what you do need to do is tune to a channel that is broadcasting in High Definition (HD).