I just bit my lip is there anyway to stop it from blistering?

Answer Apply a cold compress to reduce andy swelling. Thats about the best you can do.

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I just got horrific prank call from someone. is there anyway to figure out there number so i can report them?

If someone prank calls you and it was a private number you can press a *_ _ number not sure what it would be with your service provider....If you do this each time they call for 3 times, you can ge... Read More »

I get several calls from 866-235-0053. Is there anyway to stop these losers from calling me?

Try looking up the National Do Not Call List

Is there anyway I can stop my teenage son from running my telephone bill up(BT)?

Oh der sorry but been there had that happen when my one daughter was a teen.She had broken up from school as exams where on at end of month phone bill was £300 and £250 was hers!!!! She had been ... Read More »

I have just had a baby iam separated from the father iam caring for my son full time and receive government pension can the father just come and take my son and is there anything i can do to stop that?

Answer If the couple are married then both have equal parental rights.If the couple are not married many state courts will require paternity to be established even though the presumed father has s... Read More »