I just binged; how will this effect me ?

Answer Cut back on the toberlone to 1 and eat more fruit and you will be fine. Have one glass of wine each day.

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I just binged... how many calories would making myself vomit get rid of?

80% of calories consumed if vomited within 20 minutes of consumption. I won't lecture you.

I binged on a diet, will I gain?

Absolutely not babe, the best thing is to forget about it and move on! Dont give up just because of one step back, just carry on and forget it ever happened.Youre allowed to treat yourself sometime... Read More »

If I buy new iphone 4 without contract just phone orpayasyougo if i put my vodafone contract sim will it work also I heard there might be limit on web browsing will it effect my unlimited web sim card?

Gosh man it came out alreadyThe iPhone 4 came out on AT&T summer of 2010. Verizon's iPhone 4 has a few small changes from AT&T abd that will come out 2-10-11 If you meant the iPhone 5, that shoul... Read More »

Will this effect my eyes in the future?

I doubt it will hurt your vision but, there are some studies that suggest that looking a lighted objects can interfere with falling asleep.