I just ate rotten spinach!?

Answer You're not gonna die, or get super sick, that's for sure. But prepare yourself Hannah Violet, you may be spending some quality time with the lavatory this evening..__________.

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I have a rotten tooth ew!?

How to Get Rid of a Rotten Tooth?

Pain localized to the teeth is often caused by cavities, which are small holes that occur in the teeth when proper dental hygiene is not met. When left unchecked, cavities can turn into a worse con... Read More »

Have any of you ever visted

Its gruesome, but it makes other horrible things in life seem like nothing.

How to Check if an Egg Is Rotten?

If you're unsure whether or not the eggs in your fridge are still fresh, using the water test will give you a good indication of whether you can use the eggs or have to throw them away. The freshes... Read More »