I just ate a sausage. whatsoever the strangest thing you've put in your mouth?

Answer Swiftlet Bird's Nest in Hong Kong. Swiflets make their nests out of their own saliva which hardens when exposed to air. Yummy!!

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Whats the worst thing youve done when ya were drunk?

Whats the funniest/embarassing thing youve done while drunk?

I got drunk at a party then came home & my family were all still awake. I was trying 2 amuse my little sister, so I put my feet on the handlebars of an exercise bike & tried to pedel with my hands.... Read More »

Whats the coolest thing youve found on the sidewalk?

I found a wheelchair made of wood (like pieces of wood, not a wooden wheelchair that was professionally made) and metal parts from a real wheelchair, it was like movie creepy and near the woods dow... Read More »

What is the strangest thing you've every had in a shopping bag?

i once had a bat a flying bat inside my bag hibernating