I just accidentally my foot and it hurts really bad. should i go to the hospital?

Answer I accidentally this question. I like it, though. You're welcome.

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I accidentally kicked my best friend in the head. Should I take her to the hospital or get her an icepack?

Even steven Flor? have you had those green giant foot in your head? not pretty...what evers i have Cinderella feet..

My foot really hurts?

I would definately check it out... Seems like a sever sprained ankle but considering its bruised as well - might be a fracture! Check it out with your GP and ask for his opinion :) If it is really ... Read More »

My foot hurts what should I do?

You shouldn't bite it when you stick it in your mouth.

My broken foot still hurts?

Dont worry!!!Its all due to weaken muscles due to injury. Just try natural remedy like turmeric powder in milk while sleeping.It will improve ur immunity as well as decreases ur pain.Try to avoid p... Read More »