I jammed my finger when is it going to heal?

Answer Next YEAR naw I'm just playyin probraly in a week

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How to heal a jammed finger?

Take some tylonal and put on some ice, it will relieve pain and put down the swelling. i would see a doctor tho. you dont know how serious it could be.

How do you heal a jammed finger -_-?

If your finger didn't immediately pop back into place, get someone to pull the finger straight away from you with consistent (not jerking) pressure. This should get the finger back in place, then ... Read More »

When can you play basketball again after a jammed finger?

This depends on how badly you have jammed it. Usually if you can still get movement out of you finger you caan immediately return to your sport but you may want to tape it or get a splint. If you c... Read More »

How to heal a jammed big toe!!!?

I'm no medical expert, and I'd rather not google the answer, but I would expect that a jammed toe is when the tip bone gets hit hard enough to slam the cartlidge, gases, and tissue inside the joint... Read More »