I itch from head to toe, I guess its hives, how do i get myself to stop itching?

Answer Try taking a bath with oatmeal in the water.

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What Are the Causes of Head Itching?

Head itching results from a variety of disorders of varying seriousness on the scalp. Specific symptoms accompanying the itching indicate which condition affects the sufferer. Simple conditions suc... Read More »

Why does my head itch?

Stop putting your hair up to tight I have the same problem

Which shampoo or hair conditioner should i use for my itching head ?

Your itching head might be due to dandruff. So I think you should use anti dandruff shampoo like Head and shoulder.

Why does my dog constantly itch his ears&shake his head?

Two common causes of a dog constantly shaking its head and itching its ears are ear mites or a deep ear infection along with a yeast infection. A pet owner can tell the difference between the two b... Read More »