I is not kno to triforc3 can ju halp mez?

Answer newfag.

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Douglas B can you halp me?

You know, there are a lot of possible causes for a sore throat: the inflammation from a sinus infection, cold, etc. Knowing the cause will help determine the treatment.But you're smart to rest you... Read More »

Halp! What should I do if I'm too drunk to remember my own name?

Im this state, it's probably best to carry on drinking, and eventually you will drink yourself sober. And anything that happens, well, you'll be too drunk to remember anyway, so it didn't happen, r... Read More »

New room design.. HALP.?

How bright is the yellow? I would consider one thick, light rainbow striped diagonally across the room. It could be exceptionally interesting with that type of ceiling. If it was subtle enough, y... Read More »

Crying for help ! My 5 year old just got suspended from Pre-K!!! Halp Please...?

Well for starters... stop giving the kid everything he wants! That's why this happened. Explain to him WHY this was wrong (He's little, he won't understand otherwise), and then punish him.