I installed windows 7 but now i want to install xp?

Answer If you need to have two Windows OS then you need to install the older version first... If you need to install Windows XP, you have to format your Windows 7 then first install your Xp and then Windo... Read More »

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I have windows 7 HB SP1 i want to upgrade it?

No Windows Anytime Upgrade will not remove your installation files or any other personal files it will simply upgrade to Home Premium or Professional or Ultimate based on the key you have bought a ... Read More »

I want to add a second hard drive to a computer but it already has windows installed on it?

IDE and SATA are not interchangeable. There aren't even adapters, you cannot run a second hard drive with a different port. And you would have to wipe the other hard drive before you could install ... Read More »

Windows 8 is installed but have to install again help!?

Did you try what I had mentioned last time I answered this question? Attempting to erase all partitions and reinstall Windows?

How can Windows Vista be 14.9 gigs installed when the disc I use to install is only 2.49?

Everyone else here is wrong. DVDs are usually condensed yes, but not anywhere near close to 15 GB. Vista uses less than half of that actually for system files. I have Vista 64, and I'll tell you... Read More »