I inserted a tampon and it kinda feels weird?

Answer your body might just not be used to the feeling of the tampon in there yet. I bet within the next few days with one you won't feel it. :) happy girlhood:)

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Tampon is turning to the side when inserted?

are you Angling the tampon more towards your Lower back area & Not just straight up? your vagina is Curved- kind of like an "S"

Tampon math! How many light flow tampons would have to be inserted at once to equal a Super Absorbency Plus?

It depends on how many you can fit up there. And seeing as I know you've been ridden more times than Seattle Slew, one light tamp is like throwing a Q-tip down a hallway. Jam them all up there an... Read More »

Tampon won't go init feels like there is something in the way?

This is a very common question on here - don't worry! We all had this problem at first.I thought that vaginas went straight up into your body. This isn't true for all women. For some women it's ang... Read More »

Kinda weird question... How do you know where...?

Ok first of all the easiest 2 ways to feel for your cervix is to either squat or sitting on the toilet once you choose which way you want to feel for it stick with that position so that you can acu... Read More »