I inserted a tampon and it kinda feels weird?

Answer your body might just not be used to the feeling of the tampon in there yet. I bet within the next few days with one you won't feel it. :) happy girlhood:)

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Tampon is turning to the side when inserted?

are you Angling the tampon more towards your Lower back area & Not just straight up? your vagina is Curved- kind of like an "S"

Tampon math! How many light flow tampons would have to be inserted at once to equal a Super Absorbency Plus?

It depends on how many you can fit up there. And seeing as I know you've been ridden more times than Seattle Slew, one light tamp is like throwing a Q-tip down a hallway. Jam them all up there an... Read More »

Tampon won't go init feels like there is something in the way?

This is a very common question on here - don't worry! We all had this problem at first.I thought that vaginas went straight up into your body. This isn't true for all women. For some women it's ang... Read More »

Is a tampon supposed to feel weird at first?

I remember that feeling. Its pretty weird. You get used to it just make sure you are putting it in properly and you are using the right kind!