I injured my hand while i was drunk?

Answer emergency room quick

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If someone is injured while working on someone else's rental home using that person's tools and the owner of the tools is covered only by liability insurance what are the injured person's options?

You will need to call your local Workers Compensation Commission and find out if there is anything you can do. In South Carolina you would have to be employed by this person and drawing a paycheck ... Read More »

How to Wrap an Injured Hand?

If you suffer an injury to your hand that interferes with your daily routine and causes pain, seek professional medical help. In the meantime, control the swelling and provide support to the area b... Read More »

How to Hand Walk an Injured Horse?

Sometimes you will need to hand walk a horse. This generally is a way of getting a horse back in shape after an injury but is safer then turning it out where it could run and play, resulting in str... Read More »

What should I do if an awkward part of my hand gets injured detaile inside --->?

the brace couldnt hurt.... and make sure you ice it a lot.If it doesnt get better in a few days check with your doctor