I hv booked train tickets and got them in waiting list , now i need to change the date of departure?

Answer If you purchased ticket from PRS counter then you can easily change your departure date but to change the departure date in e-tickets there is no other way except to cancel the booked WL ticket. Yo... Read More »

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I recently booked tickets online for indian rail , my seats are in waiting list . How will i obtain my seats? above link and understand Tatkal. Once you get seats conformed, you get mail and message, If not your money will be returned.

Can you use pre booked train tickets on another train?

It entirely depends. If you have prebooked an advance purchase ticket for a specific train, then no you can't. If you were to catch the preceding train using such a ticket, you will be charged the... Read More »

Does Homeland Security add charges to airline tickets when the purchase is made close to the departure date?

The government body responsible for air-travel security is the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), whose parent agency is the Deptartment of Homeland Security. The TSA levy a charge of $... Read More »

How much does it cost to change a departure date?

The cost of changing information, such as your departure date, on an airline ticket depends on the airline you are flying with. For refundable tickets, changes can be made free of charge. For nonre... Read More »