I hurt my wrist pretty badly?

Answer I recommend you kick him next time, the human hand is quite sensitive.

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I just burned my finger pretty badly, what do I do?

Ibuprofen (or other painkillers) as directed on the bottle, and ice. That's all you can do. I hope you ran it under water first. Going from extremely hot to extremely cold is bad for the nerve endi... Read More »

Does it hurt when the needle the doctors put into your wrist hurt?

No, it only hurts a bit for a second. Tell the person doing it you are worried and ask them to explain it all to you.It will be okay.

How badly do you think this tattoo would hurt?

I have a tattoo on each shoulder blade. It did not hurt at all. And I'm very pleased with the way they turned out. However, I do not have a fear of needles. But if you can't see the need, it should... Read More »

How badly does a bee sting hurt?

Really it depends on where they are sticking the needle. I have had bee stings and I have had local anesthesia. They are very comparable and rank about a 2 to 3 in most cases.However, any time I ... Read More »