I hurt my pinky finger. help.?

Answer It sounds like you stoved it. My ex just had to deal with this recently.RICE.Don't stress it.Ice the swollen area.Compress it.Keep it elevated, although with a pinky, I don't see that working too w... Read More »

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Is my pinky finger broken?

If you can see a visible bump that's hard, I would get it x-rayed. If its not, then ice it and take medicine if it still hurts after a week get it checked out. You should put a splint on it and if ... Read More »

Straighten my pinky finger?

Yes! Tape it :) i was thinking that the entire time

What has happened to my pinky finger?

Maybe you broke a bone or certainly may have sprained it. Have it checked out by your doctor.

Can you move your pinky finger only?

if my hand if flat on the table i can move my pinky alone. most people cant because your pinky and ring finger are connected.