I hop price question?

Answer ihop is not a buffet restaurant. you pay for your beverage, meal and dessert (if you're even still hungry lol).BUT they do have all you can eat pancakes :]which i wanna say is only like $4.99 or so... Read More »

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Hawaii feast at lele luau price question?

You're getting a discount then, the standard price is $115 plus tax (around 4 to 4.5 %). That includes the show and all the food. They usually charge extra for individual photos with the performer... Read More »

The sale price of a photography book is 20 percent off the list price if the sale price of the book is 10 what is the list price?

What is the accounting term for the difference between a list price& a discounted price?

Accountants use the term "discount" to refer to the difference between the list price and the net price, or discounted price. It is the same thing as the list price multiplied by the discount rate.... Read More »

What is the accounting term for the difference between list price&discounted price?

The difference between the selling price, or listed price, of an item and the discounted price is known as the discount. For example, a widget sells for $100, but Firm A offers the widget to Firm B... Read More »