I hit my wrist really hard at work tonight, and wonder if I should see a doctor...?

Answer You may have hit the nerve very hard. I would see a doctor because it could be worse than that, maybe a small hairline fracture. It's better safe than sorry

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Is my wrist okau should i see a doctor?

Texting a lot can cause your wrist muscles to tighten up and that causes them to press into the nerves going through your wrist to cause pains in your wrists or to be sent into your hands. The tig... Read More »

What the hell was going on on doctor who tonight?

Speaking as a complete fanboy, I absolutely loved it, with all the references to classic "DW", including the voices of previous Doctors and Susan (the Doctor's Grandaughter) at one point, as well a... Read More »

Can I be fired from my job if my doctor signs me out of work due to back problem caused at work?

they can not sack you if you have a medical certificate, this is unfair dismissal, the most they can do is call you in for a meating to determine how long you will be on the sick for and if they ne... Read More »

Do wrist blood pressure monitors work?

On One Hand: Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors are not preferredDigital blood pressure monitors are designed to wear on the upper arm, the wrist or the finger. The finger types are not accurate at all,... Read More »