I hit my wrist really hard at work tonight, and wonder if I should see a doctor...?

Answer You may have hit the nerve very hard. I would see a doctor because it could be worse than that, maybe a small hairline fracture. It's better safe than sorry

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Is my wrist okau should i see a doctor?

Texting a lot can cause your wrist muscles to tighten up and that causes them to press into the nerves going through your wrist to cause pains in your wrists or to be sent into your hands. The tig... Read More »

My heart was beating really hard tonight.?

If your heart rate was fast and pounding for about 3 minutes after vigorous sex, I wouldn't worry about it, as long as it slows down and stops pounding after you have rested a while. If the time e... Read More »

Do you think i should smoke weed I really need help to decide or not its a really hard question.?

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I really hurt my knee, should i see a doctor?

It sounds like you have something called a Baker's cyst. This is a fluid collection behind the knee- it gives a feeling of fullness behind the knee. The treatment is primarily anti-inflammatory med... Read More »