I hit my thumb a week ago, and it still hurts.... Is that bad?

Answer Go to your doctor or a local walk in clinic (they could also fix it at the hospital but its not that bad). It sounds like you sprained it, so your going to want some sort of cast.

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Hurt my ankle 1 week ago and it still hurts?

To reduce pain use bandage and ensure it is evenly tight around the injury. Elevate your foot while resting. Do icing and take Ibuprofen for pain relief Do not put unnecessary pressure on it and r... Read More »

I got a cavity filled a week ago and my mouth still hurts?

1. does it hurt when you bit down?If it does then your filling is too high. Your dentist will just take his high speed hand piece & adjust it for you. He will tell you to bite down & you should fee... Read More »

Sprained ankle that Still hurts?

My ankle hurts. I have already put ice on it and i can walk on it but it still hurts. what should i do.?

Stay off it! Keep ice on it for a few minutes at a time. And maybe keep it elevated.