I hit my head; can I go to sleep?

Answer Usually when you have a concussion or internal bleeding your pupils would be dialated. Are they big? Are they reacting normally to light? With internal bleeding usually you'll have dialated pupils,... Read More »

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How to Sleep After a Severe Head Injury?

Many severe head injury sufferers have a commonly-shared sleep disorder problem, which can make the symptoms from the injury even more apparent. Since there are restrictions on certain sleep aid me... Read More »

Should I Let a Baby Sleep If He Hits His Head?

A company needs to establish adequate internal controls in operating systems and manufacturing processes to prevent losses. Senior management and department chiefs ensure that employees conform to ... Read More »

Do you sleep with one or two pillows under your head?

2 but ends up as 1 cos i either chuck in on the floor or my boyf nicks it

Got hit hard on the head. How long do you think til I should go to sleep?

I would be a the hospital if I were you, bleeding from your head is very serious. I wouldn't suggest going to sleep, go to the ER and take tomorrow off because you might have a long night.I'm not o... Read More »