I hit my head and blood is please?

Answer lmao. Use the Hannah Montana band aids, they tend to work best.

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What will happen about 8-year-old son hit his head on slab and got blood at top of head and after medical treatment doctor made 5 stitch on the top portion of his head?

Through which blood vessel does blood return to the heart from the head and arms?

It returns through the Superior Vena Cava. The inferior Vena Cava carries blood from the lower body back to the heart.

PLEASE!! If you are losing too much blood can you survive by drinking the blood that's coming out?

No. Blood is in the veins. Drinking it leads the blood into the digestive system, which won't help because you need it in your veins. Don't do it, you'll get sick! Blood is blue in your veins. Once... Read More »

It goes from bad to worse! Both of my legs are now trapped aswell as my arms and head PLEASE PLEASE HELP?

I think you need to stop posting this things it's not funny. You are just ruining it for people who accually need help. And this is obviously not true because you would not be typing and you woul... Read More »