I hit my eye and it is bledding and now sweeling, me head is hurting what do i do?

Answer You shouldn't be here. Get an ice pack and put it over your eye. Get someone to take you to the hospital.

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How can i stop my head from hurting?

wow it take two aspirintilt head to the other side of the injury like if you hit the right side of your head tilt your head to the leftuh........don't hit it anymore... Read More »

Do I have the swine flu My head is hurting help!?

I doubt you have the swine flu or any other influenza, because you would have an abnormally high body temp.Though, if you have any problems with congestion, you could have a sinus infection. I'd kn... Read More »

My head is still hurting after 4 days. Help me?

Migraines can b hereditary but also cause sensitivity to sound,light. If u shook ur head that hard it is possible u bruised ur brain,giving urself a concussion. It also most likely pulled neck musc... Read More »

My head is hurting

The whipping of your head around like that caused your neck muscles to tighten up, like a mini whiplash. To get rid of the pain you have to free up your neck muscles to release the tight ones caus... Read More »