I hit my elbow?

Answer call you doctor. that sounded cliche. sorry. you may have dislocated it. or go onto that website

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What is reddish with brown spots in middle circle rash on baby's elbow inner elbow buttocks and leg?

What did your pediatrician/dermatologist say? If you baby has an undetermined rash you need to have it evaluated!

How much would a henna tattoo of a star on each elbow cost Can they even do a star on your elbow?

I'd probably charge you £40 - £50 ($40-$60) for that, because its such a pain to do! You would have to keep your arms completely still for as long as the henna takes to dry which could be up to a... Read More »

What did I do to my elbow? thing happened to me minus the sand mine was sore for a couple of weeks but nothing serious came of it

I have a big bug bite on my elbow wat is it?…