I herd that using dish soap helps take out hair dye?

Answer A few months ago I had a HAIR DISASTER. My hair turned smoky grey due to the ash color my hair stylist used on my blond hair. In desperation, I went to a professional hair salon the next day and... Read More »

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What soap removes the most grease dish soap hand soap or shampoo?

How to Remove Black Dye From Hair With Palmolive Dish Soap?

If you decided to try black hair for awhile and the results weren't quite what you expected, you must choose to live with the undesirable hair color or have the hair color removed. While going to t... Read More »

Herd Best Of The Herd 2009 will be in Limerick because Shaant won - Is it true?

No. They're not having such a rubbish show near my home, regardless of Shaant! I just say they have it in... Thurles instead. Definatly not in Limerick

You put dishwasher soap in the jet dry despinser now you have bubbles how to get the dish soap out of the despenser?

Take the door apart and remove the jet dry reservoir. Thoroughly rinse out the reservoir, then put everything back together.