I heard wikipedia in an unreliable source. is that true?

Answer Anyone can write into wiki whether they know the answer or not. There is NO need for objectivity."More reliable than an encyclopedia" is a nonsensical statement especially if you want bias and opin... Read More »

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Is Wikipedia considered an unreliable website source in general (if so, why)?

For general purposes, it is a pretty handy and reliable place to go for your information. For academic purpose, not so much. The main reason for its unreliability is the fact that almost anyone can... Read More »

Is it true Wikipedia is unreliable and why?

Yes, that's true. It's true because of several reasons. There are far more concerning reasons than "anyone may edit" (which might not be such a bad thing if it was actually true). Namely: hostility... Read More »

Give me a valid argument about how Wikipedia is unreliable as a source of information?

Anyone can go on there and write whatever they want...some teachers give half credit if a student used it for information in their report...once my brother used it, and it said that Charles Dickens... Read More »

Is Wikipedia a reliable source, and almost always 100% True?

Wikipedia is almost always a reliable source. They have real people check the information. If the info is not sourced down towards the bottom of the page there is a citations section. There will... Read More »