I heard u can make a taser out of a desposble camera.?

Answer It's possible as there is a small capacitor in the camera that holds a high charge of voltage at relatively low amperage (I believe).Don't get too crazy with this until you actually check the schem... Read More »

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To make a homemade taser gun, is there anything other than a disposable camera that you can use?

anything that uses a trigger coil. disposable cameras with flash are the cheapest - free!

How do you turn a camera into a taser?

It is very very easy. First make sure the film is at 0 photos left. For Kodak brands, once all the photos are used, it automatically becomes sealed so you can take the camera apart without damaging... Read More »

Has anybody ever heard of Keenox dv camera 1303?

im pretty sure... okay positive -- that its french but i'll have to look into it a bit, and you need to be more specific about what you really want me to say...++ i also found this on some french w... Read More »

Anyone heard of a disposable digital camera?

the expensive ones you can continue to use them because they have a memory card that can be deleted and refilled with the disposable you can only use it once and you have to pay for the prints the ... Read More »