I heard the best time to buy a HDTV is after the superbowl?

Answer Makes sense. Lots of folk would want to enjoy the game on a big screen and the Superbowl's a good excuse. Having said that, after Christmas is usually good too as a lot of time is often spent in fr... Read More »

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Is This The Best Time To Buy A HDTV?

So I just heard "hey there delilah" for the first time...?

For the first time?! Whoa. I think its a good song. I like that the singer wrote it about a girl he just met briefly. But anything that gets played on the radion a million zillion times gets old!

What's the craziest thing you've heard from a first time mother?

ha the craziest thing i think i've heard is my aunts friend Roda.her baby was like every other baby, but every time it would make like a gurgling sound or something she would swear that he was spea... Read More »

I heard one time that someone died from popping a pimple, is that possible?

Our skin has multiple normal bacterial flora growing on it. These bacteria are commonly found in the debris inside the pore of pimples. Theoretically if you pop a pimple then the bacteria could en... Read More »