I heard that someone ate too many carrots and their skin turned orange-?

Answer No, it is not an urban legend. It's called carotenosis.That actually happened to me when I was a small child, honest to God. When I was real little my mom always had a hard time getting me to eat, ... Read More »

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If someone eats 1/2 bag of carrots will they turn orange?

no, it takes more than that an dusually only happens on a very restricted diet where that is all you eat i.e. anorexices frequently experience this

Do you know someone that has whitened their teeth one time too many?

no I have not. I have seen some that need to though

I heard one time that someone died from popping a pimple, is that possible?

Our skin has multiple normal bacterial flora growing on it. These bacteria are commonly found in the debris inside the pore of pimples. Theoretically if you pop a pimple then the bacteria could en... Read More »

I heard that if you kiss someone with cavities that you will get them as well. I doubt this is true, is it?

I'm a Dental Hygienist and I went to a CE meeting that said the bacteria that causes decay IS contagious and not hereditary! So your friend may be right. Don't share drinks, this is the biggest way... Read More »