I heard that Wikipedia isn't real...?

Answer Wikipedia is about 95% trustworthy; teachers pretend like it's a lot worse than it is. Most of the information is actually accurate, and contains footnotes for sources. You should only be concerned... Read More »

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I heard wikipedia in an unreliable source. is that true?

Anyone can write into wiki whether they know the answer or not. There is NO need for objectivity."More reliable than an encyclopedia" is a nonsensical statement especially if you want bias and opin... Read More »

I heard that some cheese that goes on to pizzas is not real cheese?

Good lord, Daisy is so biased against vegan eating that she is woefully ignorant of food and nutrition! Get back to the real world daisy. There ARE "fake" foods outside of the vegan food aisle.Info... Read More »

Why does Wikipedia helps the fiction that the WWE is real?

It's an illusion, just like a movie, a soap opera or a comic broadway play. People don't think those are real, either. Everybody knows it's not real, but the illusion is fun.One of the problems w... Read More »

Why does everyone say that Wikipedia is all garbage It has real facts...?

People (usually journalists who obviously don't know what they are talking about) compare it to an imaginary perfect source of information written by omniscient gods. Those people seem to forget th... Read More »