I heard a weird crackling in my neck?

Answer You should go to a doctor. Most people getcracking feelings from being in one position too long but the numbness under your chin worriesme

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Rash at the bottom of my neck and now it looks weird?

Maybe its ringworm? If so, use an antifungal cream such as Tinactin or Lotrimin.

Have u ever seen/heard anything weird on the baby monitor!?

Audio monitorA coyote killing our cat, right outside our sons window.We didn't know what was happening at the time; we thought it was a cat fight until we found her fur. This was only a couple of ... Read More »

Is it bad that I heard weird noises from my phone after my call dropped?

Recently developed a weird pulse pounding on left side of my head/neck. Happens lying down and bending over.?

I am 27 and suffer from this as well and have for the last few years. It is called pulsing tenitis. It can be caused from several different things. I hear the noise in my ear constantly. The fir... Read More »