I hear ringing in my right ear Wax build up HELP!?

Answer Could be the Q-tips. Have you had any work done on your teeth? That can sometimes set it off.Go to your docs for a professional opinion but there really is not much you can do about it. Try homo... Read More »

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What is the ringing noise i always hear?

You do have tinnitus. I have had this now for many years. If you can't sleep then put on some soft music. This will help with the noise. Also you can get what is called antivert otc. It will help s... Read More »

I hear a high pitched ringing in my ears sometimes?

Sounds like tinnitus - but I'd be surprised if aeriels triggered it! I do recommend you see your Doctor and let them know.

My right ear keeps ringing?

Why has my right ear been ringing lately?

Experiences of tinnitus are very common in all age groups, especially following exposure to loud noise; however, it is unusual for it to be a major problem. There is a widely held misconception tha... Read More »