I hear ringing in my right ear Wax build up HELP!?

Answer Could be the Q-tips. Have you had any work done on your teeth? That can sometimes set it off.Go to your docs for a professional opinion but there really is not much you can do about it. Try homo... Read More »

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What is the ringing noise i always hear?

You do have tinnitus. I have had this now for many years. If you can't sleep then put on some soft music. This will help with the noise. Also you can get what is called antivert otc. It will help s... Read More »

I hear a high pitched ringing in my ears sometimes?

Sounds like tinnitus - but I'd be surprised if aeriels triggered it! I do recommend you see your Doctor and let them know.

How do i build a compost pile Yes i have done research myself but would like to hear from others?

all you have to do is take your trash, and sperate it before you throw it away. stuff like lefover food, banana peels, anything that will decompose, put it in your compost box. then like, every oth... Read More »

Magic jack i only hear every other word changed phones lines i even bought mjack plus still only hear every o?

wireless + VoIP = jitter, latency and poor audio connectiontry with a wired internet connection, if still having problems log into the router and make sure SIP ALG is disabled..