I hear clicking in my head?

Answer Sally, you might have tinitus. I was just diagnosed with it. I have a different situation: light but continuous metalic sound all the time. The docs said it's not serious enough for medication at t... Read More »

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90 Sportster: I Hear a Clicking Noise & the Engine Won't Start?

A 1990 Harley Davidson Sportster, a cruiser-style motorcycle, has a variety of different size engines. If your Sportster's engine won't dtart and you hear a clicking sound, you're likely hearing th... Read More »

Why do i only hear through one head phone?

You probably dropped them too many times and something broke inside of the one you don't hear out of

Why do i hear my heartbeat in my head?

When a person "hears his heartbeat in his head," he is actually hearing his pulse in his ear. This sensation can have a simple explanation, such as lying down on a pillow after a hard workout and h... Read More »

Why i can hear throgh head phone?