I haven't pooped in almost 2 weeks, is that bad?

Answer Yes it is.....Drink TONS of water...Go get some prune it or not!...and drink a large glass.(there's a BRAT diet....banana's, (something), applesauce, (something),.....see if you can f... Read More »

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You havent had your period and you took a pregnancy test but its negative and you still havent gotten your period and its been 2 weeks am i pregnant?

Go to the doctor and ask them to do a test because it's more reliable

Is it natural that im almost 14 (in 2 weeks) and I havent started my period?

You have been having bad cramping for a couple weeks and your two months late for period but havent had sex before either what is going on?

Answer It could be anything, if you havent had sex it is not pregnancy, it could be stress. Go and see your doctor to get checked out. Answer I don't want to scare you, but you should really see ... Read More »

If you had unpretected sex then took the mornin afta pill two days later and havent gotten your period for two weeks can you be pregnate?

Are you serious??yes,its possible.If you dident have birth control,you should see a doctor.