I havent played soccer in 3 yrs. I played indoor recently and my legs gave out. What's wrong with my legs?

Answer Out of practice.Need to get in training/get a physical checkup.The body is a finely tuned machine and needs to be inspected before stressing it out.You probably have poor circulation like me that c... Read More »

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Who is the character Molly Shannon played on SNL who said 'you love it you love it' while kicking her legs up?

That would be the "joyologist" named "Helen Madden", who frequented talk shows to discuss her work.

I've recently gotten tingling in my legs and arms.?

Poor posture that might typically occur when studying can compress spinal nerves and cause numbness, tingling, and electric shock sensations. When these problems are caused by nerve compression, ... Read More »

I broke my ankle 6 months ago and tried to work and i cant stand on my legs for more than 4 hours my legs hurt?

Your muscles could be regressed. Like not strong like before. Is it a sharp pain or like generalized muscle soreness?If it hurts where it was broke prior you may want to see your dr. and get repe... Read More »

Pleas help!I applied moisturiser to my legs and walked under the sun and now I get rashes all over my legs?

if u shaved ur legs or used a hair removal cream like Nair right before putting on the moisturiser it could be just sensitive, next time wait a few hours. it could also be an allergic reaction or t... Read More »