I haven't had my period in almost a year?

Answer You may be aneamic. This means you have a lack of iron intake in your diet, and in which case you would need to change your diet a bit. Basically, your blood has not enough to give away, so your pe... Read More »

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Why am i cramping but i haven't got my period i was supposed to get my period on sep 26 and i still havent got it i had sex like almost 2weeks ago but we used a condom?

I feel ya, im suppose to have my period and i have cramping as well but no period, i have been off depo for 2 months...i'm so worried about being pregnant, i was on birth control in Sept. but dont ... Read More »

I havent had my period since almost 3 months!?

Your body could just be going through a change. Have you recently lost a lot of weight, or gained? Are you stressed out lately. These are all contributing factors.

Is it natural that im almost 14 (in 2 weeks) and I havent started my period?

You havent had your period and you took a pregnancy test but its negative and you still havent gotten your period and its been 2 weeks am i pregnant?

Go to the doctor and ask them to do a test because it's more reliable