I haven't been eating, can someone answer this?

Answer I am so sorry your are in such pain, and while you are in the midst of this it is hard to believe it will get better. It really will, but in the mean time, you've got to eat more to feel better.Tr... Read More »

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Exercising and eating healthy but havent lost weight HELP!!?

You're calories are far to low I feel for you're weight and as a sort of protection metabolism you're body is lowering it's metabolic rate so you have enough energy. I would firstly say maybe eat a... Read More »

You havent had your period and you took a pregnancy test but its negative and you still havent gotten your period and its been 2 weeks am i pregnant?

Go to the doctor and ask them to do a test because it's more reliable

What should I do to keep myself from eating junk food (10 p. For best answer)?

Carbs spike the hell out of your blood sugar when you eat them, causing an insulin spike, followed by a blood sugar crash, and voila! You are “hungry” again, even though you just ate!

QUICK ANSWER: can you get diabetes from eating too many sweets?

Hi Viktor,The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Eating too many sweets is NOT the cause of Diabetes.However, eating too many sweets or anything else, for that matter, can cause obesity. Obesity can cause... Read More »