I haven't been able to log into youtube in months..?

Answer You may have to get a new account. You could file a complaint to youtube, also I suggest checking your mail inbox for an email from months ago from youtube. They may have closed your account for so... Read More »

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I havent had my period since almost 3 months!?

Your body could just be going through a change. Have you recently lost a lot of weight, or gained? Are you stressed out lately. These are all contributing factors.

My boyfriend and I have been having unprotected sex for about 4 months now and I havent gotten pregnant why?

Answer Pregnancy is a finicky and individual thing. Sometimes people can get pregnant right away and others take days, months, even year(s). Sometimes the conscious effort can be stressful and cau... Read More »

You havent had sex but you have been having really bad cramping you are 2 months late for your period what is the problem?

Answer I suggest you see a doctor. This site is for general advice not for diagnosis.

I havent worn my retainers in 5 months and my teeth have moved...?

If the retainer still fits after 5 months, then yes. It'll hurt, but they'll go back. If it just doesn't fit, and you want them straight, you'll need braces again.