I haven't been able to log into youtube in months..?

Answer You may have to get a new account. You could file a complaint to youtube, also I suggest checking your mail inbox for an email from months ago from youtube. They may have closed your account for so... Read More »

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My boyfriend and I have been having unprotected sex for about 4 months now and I havent gotten pregnant why?

Answer Pregnancy is a finicky and individual thing. Sometimes people can get pregnant right away and others take days, months, even year(s). Sometimes the conscious effort can be stressful and cau... Read More »

You havent had sex but you have been having really bad cramping you are 2 months late for your period what is the problem?

Answer I suggest you see a doctor. This site is for general advice not for diagnosis.

You have been having bad cramping for a couple weeks and your two months late for period but havent had sex before either what is going on?

Answer It could be anything, if you havent had sex it is not pregnancy, it could be stress. Go and see your doctor to get checked out. Answer I don't want to scare you, but you should really see ... Read More »

I been trying to log into the GuardianRent website and I have not been able to. Did it change?

You play softball and hit a ball back at that pitcher putting him in the hospital. The pitcher sues you. The insurance company defends you and settles the suit. You put a pizza in the oven, forget... Read More »