I have zit on my lip..does anyone know how to get rid of it in 24 hours?

Answer It's going to sound so wierd but put tooth paste on it before you go to bed at night.

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Anyone know how to get rid of cigarette& beer smells. parents home in a couple of hours. had a party.?

Take a shower.dampen your clothes and change into something else. Or if you wanted to be bold, role in some mud.lysol is good, then run around. Get sweaty.

I have a Samsung p2 and when ever you plug in the headphones you get no sound i have used headphones that i know work does anyone know how to fix it?

Anyone have to file financial aid appeal for maximum hours?

It sounds like you have too many attempted hours. You are limited to 150% of the hours needed to complete your degree. So, if you are at a university, and are working towards your bachelors degree... Read More »