I have white stuff coming out my V?

Answer Don't worry, its just discharge, every girl gets it, it helps to keep you vulva clean and free of infection, you usually get it around 2 years before you start your period. If there's so much your ... Read More »

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Ok i have anal leakage, strong sour smell coming from anus, and white stuff in my poop. Help!!!?

What is the white stuff coming out of my rotting tooth it is my very back tooth?

I have snot like stuff coming out of my vagina.?

Most women have clear, thick and stretchy discharge when they are ovulating. That happens in between two periods. So that's probably what's happening to you right now: you're releasing an egg from ... Read More »

I have a flea bite that i had for a while i kept scratching it and now white and red stuff comes out of it?

You need to quit scratching it and apply some antibiotic ointment and let it heal.