I have white marks on my teeth because of braces?

Answer Hi! The white marks can be the ff:1. If they are rough to touch and elevated and feels like its not part of you teeth, then it can be excess cement(orthodontic adhesive) OR calculus(tartar)2. If th... Read More »

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Braces Marks on Teeth Question?

If there is cement or bonding agent left on the teeth, then you should be able to take it off with a polishing kit and the dental drill, or even a special razor blade that a dentist can use (DON'T ... Read More »

White marks on my teeth?

It could be a sign of mild fluorosis, which would probably be due to too much fluoride in your drinking water as a child. But dont worry as your teeth will be stronger (search for 'fluorosis' to ge... Read More »

White spots on teeth from braces?

Those white marks that you see after brace removal are the result of the decalcification of enamel. This is an early process prior to having an actual cavity."Shallow" white spots can be polished ... Read More »

What color of braces will make my teeth look white?

go with black. it matches every outfit, and makes your teeth look whiter, and doesnt show every little flaw.